Dear Canadian public! We have a couple of suggestions if you would like to help us with your donation:


1. Fili Forest

On the 35th anniversary of the foundation of the Children’s Philharmonia we planted over 16.000 seedlings on the deforested hill-sides of the mountain. We would like to continue this activity. To do this first we need to build a fir nursery. To be able to produce the needed number of seedlings for our planting activities, for this nursery, according to our calculations we need to buy a 30-40 ares (3-4 roods, 300-400 m2) sized land near our school, surrounded with fences and irrigation equipment. We planned to name it Ontario Tree Garden and we will let our visitors know by placing signs with this name. The daily nursing and farming activities will be carried out by the members of the ensemble; the planted forest will be named Fili Forest. Our results will be published on our website,


2. Founded in 1303

Our settlement has a rich history; it is more than 700 years old (it dates back to 1303). Preserving our ancestral cultural landscape is a priority for the Children’s Philharmonia. Tourists, pilgrims, visiting friends are always interested and looking for this typical old image. We plan to restore szekler gates and old houses to increase their value, save them from depravation and preserve them for posterity. The owners are mostly elderly, wretched, unfortunate people, who cannot manage this from their own resources. Be a part of this process, help us preserve and maintain the traditional image of our village.


3. Support the Gifted

Many members of the Children’s Philharmonia are talented musicians or singers. You can observe this on our Ontario 150 concerts. But what will happen with them? We’d love it, if students from Szentegyházasfalu could continue their studies, if they would finish high school, even go to college and use their abilities in Transylvania as musicians, entrepreneurs or in tourism. But because their family’s wages are often slightly above the subsistence level, contributing financially to their education through our foundation could make a huge difference.

Would you like to be a part of this dream? On our website you can browse through a portrait-gallery for our Canadian tour. It’s possible to individually sponsor any of our members! We gladly answer any of your questions or give you more information if you write us at Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse. .


4. No more language barriers

We are a minority in Romania, but in Szeklerland (a part of Transylvania) Hungarians from a regional majority. Thus our problem: children have difficulties with the Romanian language and score low on final exams. To improve their language skills we would like to establish a twinning with the mostly assimilated “csango” communities from Bacau County. We have organized a camp for this summer, where we would place our szekler children who barely speak Romanian in csango families, who barely speak Hungarian. The camp’s main attraction is a visit to the Black Sea. Sponsors welcome!



Your donation is welcome in cash or you can transfer it to one of the attached bank accounts. One of them is the Romanian account of our foundation; the other account belongs to our twin-foundation from Hungary. Both of them are opened at OTP Bank.


Bank account numbers:

Fundatia Filarmonica de Copii - BCR – Ag. Vlahita, ROMANIA


USD - RO65RNCB0158015356040019



CAD - RO86OTPV261000213928CA01


It would be a unique experience for us, if Canadian student, their parents – our sponsors – would visit us back home, in Szentegyházasfalu. We can provide you million-star-comfort. You can plant on the sides of the Harghita Mountain, dig around fir seedlings in the Ontario Tree Garden and chop firewood for old ladies. You can also talk with gifted college student from the Fili…. in Romanian. You are most welcome.



Üdvözlőlevelet kaptunk Kanadából. Nagy megtiszteltetés számunkra. Köszönjük, Kati néni!

We’re very happy to tell you, that our dreams from last fall have come true!

We are coming to Canada! Between the 24th of June and the 5th of July we will be participating on several Canadian celebrations and festivals.

Because you have probably seen our ensemble, the Children’s Philharmonia only on the internet, I’m convinced that it would be an unforgettable experience for you to see and hear us live.

And you also probably know our small town, so you can understand why this is such a huge deal for us! 150 children performing on Canada 150 Celebration… sounds good, right?

The tour is being organized by a wonderful team, for 12 days we’ll be having concerts almost daily (in June on the 25th and 26th Ottawa, 27th Cambridge, 29th Windsor and on the 30th London, in July on the 1st and 2nd Toronto, 3rd Welland and on the 4th at Niagara Falls).

We are practicing how to pack our luggage since very few of the children have ever been on a plane not to mention flying over the Never-ending seas.

So bring your brother and sister, your children, friends, relatives and let us meet there!


Kedves Rokon!

Nagy örömmel írjuk, hogy a mult őszi álmunk valóra vált!

Jövünk Kanadába! Június 24. és július 5. között több kanadai ünnepségen és fesztiválon veszünk részt.

Mivel valószínüleg csak intrnetről ismered együttesünket, a Gyermekfilharmóniát, meg vagyok győződve, hogy felejthetetlen élmény lenne számodra látni és hallani minket élőben. És valószínűleg kis városunkat is ismered, szóval érteheted, hogy ez nekünk mekkora nagy dolog.

150 gyerek szerepel a Kanada 150 Ünnepségen….. jól hangzik, nem?

A turnét egy csodás csapat szervezi, 12 napig majd minden nap koncertezünk.

Gyakoroljuk a csomagolást, hisz a gyerekek közül nagyon kevesen ültek repülőn, nemhogy átrepüljenek az Óperenciás Tengeren.

Úgyhogy hozd a testvéred, gyerekeid, barátaid, rokonaid és találkozzunk ott!


A Magyar Diaszpóra Tanács Kanadai Társelnökeitől!

Windsori felhívás a gyermekek fogadására, koncertinformációk!